What is WapuPay?

With WapuPay, you can effortlessly pay in ARG pesos using your crypto funds through QR codes or bank transfers to popular local payment apps in Argentina.

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Who is it for?

Hey wanderluster!
Ever found yourself in a foreign land, without a local ID (what's a DNI anyway?), and just trying to adult by paying for things like a local citizen? Whether you’re a digital nomad, foreign student, expat, immigrant, or just a globetrotter passing through, we get it - payments can be a headache.

But guess what? With WapuPay, you can kiss those payment woes goodbye! No local DNI needed, just the freedom to pay your way, anywhere in Argentina.

So why not make your life easier and join the Wapu revolution? Your adventure awaits! ✨

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How to Start?

1. Sign up
Sign up with your email account and complete the KYC process.
2. Found your new account
You can top up your account with USDT using the Tron network.
3. Pay as a local
Enjoy paying ANYWHERE in Argentina through QR codes or send money to your Argentinian friends."

About Us

Wapu was founded with a vision to bridge the gap between travelers and local merchants in Latin America. Our mission is to provide a faster, safer, and more convenient payment experience for digital nomads, foreign students, and expats, leveraging the existing payment network in the region.


Where Can I Pay?
With WapuPay, you can make payments at any store or service in Argentina that accepts payments via QR code or bank transfer, such as MercadoPago.
I don't have a DNI, can I use it?
Absolutely! WapuPay is designed specifically for foreigners living in Argentina who do not have an Argentinian DNI. You can make payments in ARS pesos without any hassle.
Is it a bank account?
No, actually your money stays in crypto until you want to make a payment, then Wapu make the payment in your name.